The symptoms and treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Knee osteoarthritis is the most common form of the disease in the musculoskeletal system, which is the complete destruction or deformation of the cartilage. According to statistics, it affects up to 22% of the world's population. In the main, this disease is common in older people or athletes. Any person who, on the face of this unpleasant disease, the question arises: how does the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee?

osteoarthritis of the knee

The causes of osteoarthritis

Before you start an immediate treatment for arthritis, you need to find out why it has occurred. The reasons for this are quite different:

  • heavy-duty loads. Active, physical activities should be age-appropriate. So, after 40 years, it is recommended that you exercise at moderate ranges, and loads of. Not we are faced with a serious challenge that is put in front of the elderly, the joints can suffer damage. Sometimes, it can occur in the microcracks, which is clearly not visible, and the damage that it can cause tremendous joint;
  • damage. This is the source of osteoarthritis in young people. Any fracture, dislocation or an injury to the meniscus can lead to disease and illness. After all, in order to treat the injury, you will need to repair the knee. The deterioration of the the flow of blood and lead to osteoarthritis;
  • the obesity and overweight weight. The whole weight of the body down to the knee, the cartilage is destroyed by the load that leads to the disease. If, in addition to the obesity, also suffer from varicose veins, you may develop a severe form of arthritis;
  • a violation of the metabolism. In such a situation, there is often a lack of calcium, which has a negative impact on the condition of the bone and cartilage tissue in General;
  • stress of the situation. All of the emotional tension-stress has a negative impact on the health of the joints. To avoid this, it is more likely to relax, not to overwork, and the constant alternate mental work with physical.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee, it is very diverse, but very specific:

  1. of the pain. In the early stages of the disease is very weak, and he felt in a strong physical activity. Take the condition, may be a couple of years, as long as the disease does not get worse. When it comes down to the knees, for a total of 2 degrees, the pain becomes more and more evident. The knee may hurt even at rest after a long walk, or lift heavy things;
  2. ip. It is characterized by severe pain. It occurs in 2 to 3 stages of osteoarthritis;
  3. the deformation of the. In the early stages of the knee a mildly swollen, and then it begins to change its shape;
  4. the limited mobility of the. This is what happens in the later stages of the disease. Any attempt to bend and straighten the knee causes a sharp pain. The movement is only possible at the bent of the leg;
  5. A baker's cyst. The so-called elastic gasket on the back side of the knee. This is due to the accumulation of a large number of the total of the liquid. Easily treated without surgery.

The degree of osteoarthritis of the

the degree of osteoarthritis of the
  1. 1, the degree of arthrosis in the knee joint occurs almost asymptomatic. You may be characterized by fatigue in the legs, and the short-term disturbances of motility, which occurs after sleep. The pain may be less. The detection of abnormality is possible only with the help of x-rays.
  2. 2, the degree of osteoarthritis of the knee pain becomes tangible. It is formed after long-term stress on a joint, and it disappears after a long period of rest. It added a crunch, while walking to the progression of synovitis (Baker's cyst), and changes in the bones, the joints, difficulty in bending the knee.
  3. Grade 3 osteoarthritis of the knee, pain in the joints, there is a strong out loads. The second feature is the inability of a man to bend the knee to her. The pain was very much annoyed during sleep, the affected area, which is an active response to the changing weather. The deformity of the knee can lead to disability.

The diagnosis of the disease

By the beginning of the treating physician raises the patient's and the treatment of it. Once you have the survey results on the radiography. In addition to this, the doctor may order an MRI, and a CT scan. With such a set of procedures, you can find out the exact cause of the disease, and to understand that it's the osteoarthritis and not to the other diseases.

Methods for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

After the diagnosis, you can begin to direct the treatment. It includes a number of ways:

  • Of the medicinal product.
  • The therapy by means of massage, physiotherapy.
  • Does the surgery.
  • Recovery.

A very important body treatments, massage, and nutrition. A comprehensive treatment needs to address the pain, the establishment of the motor function of the joint, it is possible to restore the cartilage.

The treatment with the use of the drug

The cure is to focus on getting rid of the pain as it is disturbing, that it began immediate treatment. If you want to do it, and the doctor prescribed painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ointments, gels.

If any of the above do not help to prescribe the cure. This can cause a lot of side effects. So called only in the short courses in their use.

  1. Cream can relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  2. Hyaluronic acid is particularly efficient in the early stages of osteoarthritis. The drug is injected directly into the joint. This procedure should only be performed by a highly trained specialist. Indeed, in the case of the entry into force of the acid in the blood can more problems.
  3. Symptomatic of drugs that inhibit affect the very cause of osteoarthritis, especially in the early stages. Drugs, which restore the production of fluids in joints and damaged cartilage.

Physical therapy, physical therapy

This treatment is very effective in the early stages of osteoarthritis of the knee joint: relieves pain, helps restore the functional ability of a joint, relieves the spasm of the muscles of the. One-on-one exercise program selected by the Other on the basis of the results of the survey.

Operation of the

The surgical treatment is different. This will depend on the degree of intervention:

  1. arthroscopy. This procedure is performed by introducing the endoscope and tools in a specially made hole in the joint. To remove the fabric that is to become the source of the pain. The operation is delicate, and can be repeated a number of times. Takes place even in the earliest stage of the disease;
  2. osteotomy. It is an artificial fracture of the bone tissue to heal properly. Follow the same procedure to the deformity of the knee joint;
  3. the endoprosthesis. This operation is carried out with a complete replacement of the damaged knee joint implant.

A proper diet

Very often, the reason for the development of osteoarthritis may simply be a failure of the metabolism. Because it leads to weight gain and obesity, which has become a cause of osteoarthritis. This is the reason why, at the time of the treatment, you need to follow a special diet.

The patient must eat foods rich in vitamins and microelements, as well as counting calories. Eat often and in small portions, which will speed up the metabolism. The breakfast should be full and well that supplies the energy for the whole day. In the day-to-day diet must be present cereals, green vegetables, fruits, and vegetables.

To opt-out from receiving the necessary, fatty and spicy foods, sodas, or processed foods. It is not recommended to use bananas, grapes, cabbage, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and all kinds of cakes and chocolates. Don't forget that in the same period of time, more than ever, they need the protein. Therefore, the use of cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese, it should be made mandatory.

The dinner should be made no later than two hours prior to going to bed. During the day, it is recommended to drink up to two litres of water. Unless, of course, the patient does not suffer from a disease of the kidneys.

Traditional medicine

Medication for osteoarthritis of the knee, the joint may be cooked with his own hands. It can be any type of ointments, compresses, rubbing, lotion. However, you have to use it only in combination with other drugs, and it is only after consulting with your doctor first.

  1. Dandelion. Its flowers are a wash, and to eat up to 6 pieces a day. Again the cooking of the soup. This dried dandelion to fill with boiling water. After it cools, drink 1/3 Cup three times a day. The preparation of the tinctures of the flowers. For its preparation it is necessary to take a dark bottle, fill it with flowers, and filled with alcohol. After a month of steeping can be used as a rubbing of the patient's joint.
  2. Aloe. To clean the sheet, you can fit up elbows all night long. This will help to reduce the pain and remove the swelling. In these plants, it is possible to prepare the tool for sharpening. This is the grinder and ground the dozen or so of the leaves. By doing this, when you squeeze the juice through cheesecloth and mix it with half a Cup of honey. Is added to 150 ml of wine and mix everything, put it in a dark room. You need to use for the month.
  3. For efficient compression, you can take the salt, mustard, and sand. Mix all ingredients, heat in a frying pan, and fold into a pouch. Applied to the affected area. In this way, the treatment will help to activate the process of recovery, and to improve blood circulation and relieve the pain.